About Us

PersonalWP is about our love of WordPress and all it stands for.

What we want to do

Is to write about our passion for WordPress. All the wonderful, themes plugins and addons. All the wonderful nooks and crannies, delightful quirks and eccentricities that sometimes pop up unexpectedly, sometimes to infuriate us as well as, offer us an opportunity to learn how to maneuver this powerful content management system.

Our Mission

Should we accept it… and we certainly do, is to blog about our passion. Get others to blog with us as guest bloggers and connect others with great blogs about WordPress and all it´s wonders. 

We want to offer an insight into something else, write about less talked about things, plugins that people don´t realize are out there but could help allot. Help developers find that elusive plugin that could make or break their project.

But above all, we hope you enjoy what we write about and at least come away with some fun knowledge about this great content management system that WordPress is.

Do you want to write a guest blog?

Are you a talented blogger and want to write a blog post for us? Then please drop us a line and give us an idea on what you want to write about. As a guest blogger, you are allowed to drop a link to your website, social media and/or advertise yourself through your writing. Guest blogging is an awesome way to get your content noticed.

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