Choosing the right tools to build your WordPress website can be a long and difficult task. Having built quite a few websites over 10 year period, I´ve found some interesting tools and learned quite a few tricks. Here bellow, I will attempt to provide information about some of the best tools out there that I´ve come across and of course tested out and verified their claim of excellence.

There are of course allot of alternative tools out there, but I believe these are absolute cream of the crop and I think you can not go wrong with them.

Lets start with hosting.


Siteground has been around since 2004. They are one of the best hosting companies out there and are among few that names as hosting partners as they have really emphasize on WordPress installations and do that really well.

There are custom built tools that make the back end really simple, clean and easy to maneuver. They are constantly innovating and adding to those tools which makes this one of the best solutions around.

They have excellent customer support. Their live chat is always available and they are very knowledgeable. I speak from a experience as I host all of my webs and my client webs with them.

Also, if you need a reseller that specializes in WordPress, then Siteground is the place to be.

Elegant Themes

Now that you have a hosting provider lined up, now we need a theme.

Look no further! Elegant Themes is a one stop shop for any of your website building needs. They have built an incredible powerful tool with nearly, if not, endless options to build what ever you need.

If that isn´t enough, they offer impressive range of demo content you can load in for your website in few minutes and be up and running as fast as you can put in your content, it is as easy as that.

Now, if you have the theme lined up and don´t want to invest in another theme, then Elegant themes does offer a plugin, basically, the builder tool for their theme in neatly packaged plugin.

If you absolutely don´t need any of that, they offer a really cool social sharing plugin which I currently use here to the left on my website, called Monarch Social Media Plugin.

They also offer a nice opt-in plugin called Bloom Email Optin Plugin, it is a very powerful tool to build your newsletter.


You can get all of these plugins and the theme for a very good price, click the link below and check out some of the features and prices they offer.

Envato Market

This market is one of the biggest plugin, themes, audio, video, graphics and other sorts of essential tools for WordPress. I highly recommend you have a look at this market and I am sure you´ll find everything you need for your WordPress.

This market has been around for a long time and specializes in premium digital assets that bring your website to life.

I´ve been shopping there nearly for a decade now and I´ve always found what I need there and then some. The digital library they have is massive, a gold mine!

Extra tools


As a bonus, here below are some extra tools that are worth mentioning that can really boost your website. I will be adding to this list as I find more awesome tools, so be sure to check back here from time to time and see if I have updated the list.

Aweber is one of the elite mail tools out there. They´ve been around for quite some time and thus, have had some time to refine their skills. Now, the key to a good business is staying in contact with your clients and potential clients, and there is where Aweber excels.

Aweber  is affordable, in fact so affordable that you only have to pay for it after you´ve reached 500 subscribers. Aweber also allows you to create fantastic landing pages so in fact, you could forget setting up your website and use this tool on it´s own!

Aweber is a feature rich tool that can help you build a solid relationship with your clients. You cannot go wrong with Aweber.

Be sure to check out our guide “How to get traffic to your website” which goes beautifully with this tool!

WP Rocket is a beast of a plugin. It is a specialized tool to optimize your website speed.

It ranks 95% on Trust pilot and I am personally using it at the moment.

It comes with some awesome features and it´s all neatly packaged into easy and beautiful interface. Their staff is really nice and helpful. I simply cannot get enough of this plugin, higly recommend it if you get the chance!

Woocommerce is the Nr 1 eCommerce platform for WordPress. This powerful ecommerce suit can convert your website into a fully fledged super store, the sky is really the limit.

To add on to that, you can extend this ecommerce platform even further with addons which we highly recommend you check out. You can create subscription based platform, you can even open up affiliate store and dropship for Amazon, Ali express and more.

Some have gone so far as to more or less, automate their dropshipping and have there for built a really nice passive income.

LiveChat is one of the best live chat services out there. We wrote an article about this fantastic tool, which hopefully explains a little bit the value of having live chat on your website.

In essence, it helps capture leads. Troubleshooting becomes much easier and you can in most cases, solve problems as they arise. You will be able to sell products easily and sometimes, sell more than the customer maybe wanted to begin with as you can suggest it live.

Needless to say, to be able to talk live with your customers can add tons of value to your website and help you grow quite a bit!

Buttonizer is one of these tools you didn´t know you needed until you realized how difficult it can be to navigate websites on a mobile phone.

This plugin allows you to build easy buttons where ever on the website, customize them to your hearts content and make the live for mobile users allot easier.

If you are browsing this website now on a mobile device, you probable see what I am talking about, this little orange button, floating with you on the website, offering you our services.

Making it easy for mobile users and/or if you have long content on your website and need to scroll to certain sections with ease, it can be crusial for your customers to get there right away or risk loosing your customer.

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