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Please feel free to send us email if you have any questions. If you want to guest blog or affiliate for us, please look below for further instructions in the FAQ.
If you are requesting a quote for your website project, please tell us as much as you can about your project so we can give you an accurate quote.
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Frequently Asked Question

Do you use specific themes and plugins?

It is no secret that we use Elegant Themes (please feel free to check it out) for our projects, it is simply one of the most powerful themes out there! If needed, we can include WP Rocket to make your website lightning fast.

Please note; These are licensed  premium plugins and are only valid for one year at a time, we include the first year for free, after that, you will have to buy ongoing license. If you wish to buy the licenses for the theme and plugin yourself, please contact us and let us know and we´ll give you a discount on the webdesign or include more pages, content upload, products and/or revisions.

Plugins and extensions

We do install security, SEO and speed optimization plugins with all of our web design jobs but beyond that, you have extra 3  plugins of your choice to install if there is anything specific you would like us to set up.

Please note; If the plugins cost anything (premium plugins), we do not buy them, you will have to buy those plugins before we install. If you wish for us to buy them for you, please be in contact and we can help you out and/or advice you.

What e-commerce system do you use?

If you wish to set up a shop on your website, we will set up Woocommerce for you.

E-commerce products

If you choose to have a shop on your website, we will set up products for you. Please let us know how many products you want to have and we´ll send you an offer.


We use Siteground as our hosting provider. They are one of the best hosting services in the world when it comes to WordPress.

Siteground has been around since 2004. They are one of the best hosting companies out there and are among few that names as hosting partners as they have really emphasize on WordPress installations and do that really well.

We can host your website with them and you will get a back end access to your account at Siteground for the fraction of the price it would cost to host with them. 

On the other hand, If you want to buy your own hosting, then please check them out They are most definitely worth it.


Guest Blogging

If you want to guest blog for us, you are more than welcome. Please send us an email either through the contact form. Tell us who you are, where you´ve published and what you´d like to write about? Please note, we only publish posts that are related to the subject we are in and/or any of the blog posts we have already published.

You are more than welcome to put your affiliated links into our posts as long as they are appropriate and do not violate any laws. We do though reserve the right to insert affiliated links if appropriate but we will of course only insert links that won´t clash with yours.

You are welcome to link back to your blog from the blog post

What shall I include in the inquiry?
Please be as detailed as you can about your project as that will give us the best idea on how much the project might cost.

Of course we do realize the project might just be in it´s early stages, you are welcome to send us your idea and we´ll help you as much as we can and make you an offer.

Please don´t worry, we do not share your idea nor do we store your idea and/or profit from your idea. We do know how valuable ideas are and we make sure to keep it a secret.


We include revisions in our packages. What we mean by revisions is, when you are happy with the website and agree to publish it, you have X amount of revisions after that to fix problems that might occur.

Revisions are only to fix glitches where ever they may occur, they are not to have us add more products, pages and/or any kind of material. Glitches might be for example; links that don´t work or lead to a wrong address, material wrongly placed on the page, contact form not working and so on.

Responsive design

As we use premium themes to build your website, we make sure it will work on any device that might browse your website.

Design Customization

You give us your ideas and tell us what you need and we´ll customize the theme to your specifications. We are though limited to what the theme offers but as the theme we use is incredible powerful, we are very confident we can do just about anything.

Why do we limit us in this way by using a pre built themes? It is incredible time consuming to code a whole website from the ground up, it can take months, even more than a year, depending on how large the developer team is. Coding a whole website can take months to create and there is a good chance you´ll be endlessly fixing small problems and thus, dependent on your developer for quite some time afterwards. By using pre built themes, we limit this and get you quicker up and running and minimize the revisions.

Included pages

As before, please give us as detailed information about your project so we can give you an estimate.


If you are interested in affiliating for us, please contact us and we´ll send you further information.

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