How to get traffic to your website


by Valberg Már



How to get traffic to your website

If you are breaking into the blogging, affiliate or what ever market it is, traffic can be hard to come by. Not all traffic is made equal and there are allot of bad offers of driving traffic to your website.

In this article, I will attempt to guide you through some of the traffic sources out there and try and identify if it´s a cold traffic, meaning, traffic that doesn´t convert, but shows up on your Google Analytics and makes you wonder why those 1000 people a day aren´t clicking through, and not giving you a single email to your mailing list. Or if it´s a hot traffic, meaning, traffic that actually opts in for your offers, does browse your website and adds value.

So, lets dive in and see if we can unravel things a bit and maybe it´ll give you some idea on where to focus your efforts. I´ve also included a few links to tools and seminars that I think could help you on your way to master driving traffic to your website.

Cold traffic

Lets start at the cold end of the pool. Now, just a fair warning, this is not 100%, there might be hot traffic in between but most of the time, you´re just wasting your time and worst of all, money (if you paid for it that is). There are ALLOT of these cold traffic streams out there and you have to know how to identify them and most importantly, avoid them. So lets dive in and feel the chills.

Now, there is a way to use cold traffic to your benefit. If you plan on getting Adsense (Google advertising) on your website, then having allot of traffic doesn´t hurt when you apply, but that is also not a guarentee, there might be something off your traffic proxy/bot traffic or something like that and Google doesn´t take too kindly to automated traffic.


Yes, Facebook can be a huge source of cold traffic. Sure there are some who make huge money on Facebook but you´ll have to be good with the ad system they offer and/or be very specific in your targeting and I´ll get into that bellow when I start listing hot sources for traffic.

Facebook is kind of trial and error, you can do things horrible wrong, even get banned and so on, so be careful. Read the disclaimers for Facebook very carefully, but even if you do and you aren´t doing anything “illegal”, you can still get banned, so be super careful.

If you are planning on creating a separate Facebook account so you can separate your private life from your business, that can be a pain in the behind if Facebook decides to go holy on your back side and pretend they are concerned about “your security”, which is code for, you requested to join too many groups at the same time and/or you attempted to post something that looked a bit spammy, honestly, they should focus on more dangerous content than people doing affiliate related stuff *uhum*, but that is a topic for another time.

So what is the cold source on Facebook. When you list an ad on Facebook, you find your keywords and start marketing to those individuals, the thing is that, they may be interested in it but will not necessarily click through as they aren´t searching specifically for that offer. You have most likely seen it on Facebook; some ad appears in front of you, but you simply browse through as you aren´t looking for it at that time or not at all. It might just be there because you talked about that awesome trip you are wanting to take at some point in your life, so this converts to cold source. and other freelancer websites

Now, and other similar websites are a fantastic place for allot of things and you can find traffic there. How you might ask? Well, if you go to their website, type in the search bar “traffic”, you´ll get up allot of freelancers who will help you drive some traffic to your website. Now, some will actually be very good at it and might drive hot traffic to you, but it is most likely going to be cold traffic. Even if it´s cold traffic, it might benefit you with Google analitycs which in turn, might open the doors for you to have Adsense, which might just make this into hot traffic.

Besides that, Fiverr is a great place to find help with creating photos, videos, content and all sort of things that can convert into hot traffic.

To explain this further lets dive into…

How to generate fake traffic

Please don´t do this as this is never a good way to generate traffic and can do more harm than good. This is only for educational purposes.

Software traffic

Software traffic is probably what is happening when you accept these and Seoclerks traffic offers, to simplify this, they use software that “routs” traffic to your website, it´s basically just proxy servers sending bunch of ghosts. This traffic has no value, you´ll never build any business on this kind of traffic, but oh my, it looks good on Google Analytics. So if you want this kind of traffic for some reason, well, look no further, and certainly have that in stock.

Clicking for points

Hits monkey, Monkey Traffic, Traffic up and so on are websites that have you do some jobs, most of the time it´s viewing some other guys website and you earn some points which you can use to promote your website. Traffic up for example allows you to follow people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more social medias as well as, watch websites they list for you. For each person you follow on the social media list or if you retweet something, you get points which you use to promote your website.

The problem with these kind of websites is, people come there to get their stuff promoted so they don´t generally have much of interest what is going on the website they view, or whom they follow or retweet, it´s all in the name of getting traffic and followers, so most of the time, it´s a cold source. Sure, you can get lucky and get that one curious soul that can´t resist reading everything and click on through on your offers but I´ll say it´s rare and not worth your time. Sure it looks good on Google Analytics but that is about it. Plus, it can be a allot of work.

Here you can list jobs for someone to complete, for example, tell people to go to your website and browse through, again, this might convert to hot traffic but more often, it´s totally cold and you just wasted your money.

Where to generate traffic

Hot traffic

Ok, on to hot traffic, lets warm up a bit and step into the hot tub of the web traffic. So what is hot traffic? It´s simply traffic that converts, traffic that is browsing your blog/website, opts in on your email funnels, buys stuff, generates some income for you. This kind of traffic is hard to get, make no mistake, you will have to work for it. Make sure you try and get emails from those who browse your website as emails are king, with a good email list, you can remarked endlessly.



So, as we left on the note of Facebook producing cold traffic, I also mentioned it can generate allot of hot traffic if you know what you are doing. Keywords when creating ads are very important and there are websites that help you find those keywords, you can simply Google this and you should get a list of websites that can help you target more accurately. You will also have to be consistent in your ads, meaning; the affiliate offer or what ever you are advertising, must look and sound like the source you are targeting. For example, if you have a affiliate offer where you are selling miracle soap to wash your private parts, the Facebook ad must reflect that all the way.

There is also something called, Facebook Pixels, make sure to utilize that, it is a very nifty tool. You include a code on your website which allows Facebook to track the click through from Facebook and see who are buying/opting in and who are not. Sometimes people add product to their shopping card and don´t finish shopping, Facebook Pixel picks up on that and helps you re-target those customers so they come back and finish what they started. This and many more things can be done with the help of Facebook Pixel.

Now, there are other ways to generate traffic and/or optins. One way is to find groups that pertain to your niche. Be careful not to register to too many groups at once, 2- 3 once in a while is ok, but more than that, Facebook might interpreted it as you are spamming and close your account.

Once you´ve gained access to some groups, find new members for the group and send them a friend request. Those who accept the friend request, send them a private message and start promoting what ever you have, but don´t blurt everything in one message, don´t be spammy, divide your sales pitch into 3 or more parts, introduce yourself, ask what that person is doing in that group. Ask if you can offer a friendly advice and that you might have a solution and if you may send that person a link and so on, lead up to it and BE POLITE!

Another thing you can do in Facebook groups is, provide value, answer some posts. If you provide value, write a bit about the problem and a solution, then you can give a link to your website and point them to check out the article you wrote about this problem.

You can do variations on these methods all over Facebook, but be sure to read Facebook disclaimers and provide value, otherwise you could end up in a senseless “we are valuating your picture to ensure your privacy” BS that Facebook throws at you for absolutely no reason other than I registered to few groups *cough*.

Quora is an excellent place to promote your website, but as with Facebook, be sure to provide value, give good answers, give yourself time to write a bit and give quality answers. Not only will you avoid spam detection, you will also be more likely to be ranked on top of some article and as Google loves Quora, it ranks it´s posts usually at the top, so your answer has the potential to be on top with your link in the article to your website (when inserting links into Quora, be sure to use or other link shortening tools, they frown on affiliate links if you are doing that).

One thing to do is, fill out your profile, most importantly, your knowledge as you get asked questions about what you know or the niche you are into.


Reddit is another place to post answers to articles/questions. Reddit is a huge community, if done right, this can generate allot of lead to your website, but as before, same goes here, provide value.

Be sure to sign up for some forums and/or create your own, it can have allot of benefits to keep up with some relevant topics and providing quality answers (and perhaps, link that awesome article you just so happened to have written about that subject).

Now this website is pretty unique. I don´t think there is any other website like this. Basically, you can type in some keywords, for example, detox tea or something and see what it offers and the answers are presented in a very nice and unique way. What you get is what people have actually searched for. So the strategy is to finding 10 to 20 words and search on Google using “*search string here*” and try and find as low of searches as you can on Google, everything below 3000 is good. Then take those 10 – 20 words you´ve found, enter them into a blog post as H1 header and then write 100 – 200 words about each of the 10 – 20 words you selected, this will add up to a nice article. Google is then more likely to rank your blog post high on the search result, even though your blog hasn´t much of authority yet.

Is a place where you can get some high quality traffic, but it can also be a bit of trial and error. You can of course list the offers from high to low, offers that have the best reviews and pick one of those, there is a very high chance that the person you pick will send you high quality traffic that will convert, but be sure to read the reviews. I´ve been using it a bit and it has turned out great. The only thing is that, it costs a bit, not much but still something. Udimi has then this awesome feature of showing you in detail the traffic the person sends your way and it will also show up on Google Analytics. If you bought 100 clicks, you get 100 clicks and sometimes a bit more.

Sign up to and write a review. Find a product, for example on, that hasn´t been reviewed yet (best to find products that will be live at least 7 days from now, go to Google, type in “*name of the product review*” and see how many pages show up, I´ll bet you there won´t be any and if there are, just find another product. You can also use this method to be a bit cheeky and write a review about yourself (your website), that way, you will likely show up on the front page of Google and someone is much more likely to click through and convert to a sale.

How to generate search engine traffic

This can be a super hot traffic generation as you are targeting specifically people who are searching for the thing you are advertising.

Google Adwords

Adwords is the ad platform for Google. With this platform you can target specifically people who want to buy that super awesome offer that you are offering and it is more likely you will have a click through than not and if they do, and as they searched for this specifically, they are much more likely to buy or read your article or what ever you are offering.

Bing has this kind of service too, though never used it, but it is a bit less sensitive to affiliate offers and so on and your ad will appear on Yahoo and AOL too, or so I´ve been told.

Make sure you read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and go to when ever you post an article/blog post and enter the URL there, choose all of the search engines listed there and hit that Send Ping button to alert all those search engine crawlers of your new post

How to generate traffic using social media


If you are for Instagram, you can generate some traffic by building up following and include in the profile section that one link you are allowed to include, your website or what ever you are promoting.

You can also find fan pages (when I say fan pages, I mean non personal fan pages) with more than 500k people, million and more are better and ask them if they can give a shout out in their comments to their fans.

When picking those fan pages, make sure that the posts are generating likes fast, if it´s taking weeks to get a sizable like score on a post, then the fan page is probably “fake” and fishing, you´ll even see them delete posts to try and find some other posts that rank better with people and rakes in likes.

Now, some (probably most if I am to be honest) will ask for some fee to give you a shout out, so you can also use pages like Influencer Cart whic is a market place for (yes, you guessed it) influenceres that can you can pay to give you a shout out.

Person of interests are another thing. There are people on Instagram, in what ever niche it is, who have millions of fans. Have a look in their posts, if they are mentioning businesses in their comments, you can follow them and send them a message and ask for them to promote you, but like with fan pages, these kind of ads can COST ALLOT, but drive crazy traffic as people who follow these kind of people are crazy loyal and usually click through just because they said so.

A side note; you can automate Instagram, there are websites/tools out there that can automate following, unfollowing, liking and so on, but that is a risky business and can get you banned if you are not careful. If you do that, please make sure to put everything on slow for the first month or two, faster than that, will be detected and get you banned.

Now for a tool that can seriously help you build an audience…


As someone trying to grow on Instagram, every tool that can help you is a must have. You will need someone to manage your Instagram account to save time and effort.

This tool will not only manage your account but it will also help you grow your audience on Instagram and get more real organic followers.

Less work. More growth!

It only takes few seconds to get started, so please feel free to click the << link >>.

What will this tool do for you;

  • It will get you more real followers. How? Your account picks up real, organic traffic that likes and engages with your content.
  • Smart targeting. Your account manager engagaes with posts that bring in the best results.
  • Engagement boost. This tool will help yu grow with other relevant Instagrammers, getting you more natural engagement over time.

You can try it for free with this << link >>, it can grow your instagram account up to 300% faster.


Generating traffic with Youtube

Finally, but not least, Youtube!

If you are willing to step in front of a camera (or have some other ideas to market yourself and/or content), then Youtube can be THE hottest traffic source for you! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT! If you plan carefully and research for good keywords (a name for the video you post), you can have a free traffic source for “ever”. Make sure though to make it ever green, meaning, make your video timeless, make sure that the topic you are talking about will age gracefully and can be viewed again and again.

Best way to achieve this is to, as simple as that is, copy others. Search on Youtube what you want to talk about, copy those who are doing well. I am not saying you should copy the headlines, of course, be original. What I mean is, watch their videos and see what they are doing, adopt some of it and you are more likely to generate viewers and subscribers. Now, if you are, or think you have a special thing you can use to present your niche, then please do. Be quirky, be lively, most importantly, be yourself, like your mum always used to say, “you are unique and special” and you´ll find out very soon on Youtube how right she was. It´s easy to spot fake on Youtube, so don´t be someone you are not unless you are obviously acting for a specific show or something.

Youtube also has this great feature that allows you to appear on the right side even if the user selected other video than yours, or even if your video is remotely about the topic they searched for, there is a good chance your video might pop up. Plus, if your video ranks well, it might show up on the top of Google search page.

Underneath your Youtube videos, you can include tons of links and promote allot of things. You can even do affiliated sales on your equipment you are using to film the videos.

You can also generate ad revenue if your videos do well, so not only are you promoting your website, niche, affiliate or what ever, you are also making ad revenues on the side.

Youtube has of course it´s own ad system which you can of course too advertise on.

And don´t forget, MENTION YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE in your videos and underneath the videos.

So, back to our original question…

How DO you generate traffic to your website

What is the bottom line of all of this

Well, I hate to tell you this (unless you are hyper active person who loves hard work), you generate good quality traffic with good old hard work. You will have to keep on creating content and/or advertising in some way, generate leads on social media, connecting to people and provide quality material where ever you go. The good news is that, if you do this right, you will only have to generate good quality blog posts, videos or what ever you do, once, then it´s out there and will attract traffic for as long as it´s posted somewhere.

I hope this helped you a little bit. Please subscribe to our newsletter and share this article for others to enjoy.


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