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Lightning fast WP hosting
Our infrastructure is now powered by Google Cloud. Working with one of the most well-established cloud service providers aims to increase the speed and reliability of our platform even further.

State-of-the-art network for faster sites
Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks, which means that using their service will result in a higher speed for our clients’ websites.

Distributed storage for high data redundancy
We are using Google’s SSD persistent storage, which provides a very high level of redundancy. It makes our clients’ data safer even in the rare occasions of a hosting server failure.

Easier scaling and resource management
Scaling resources such as CPU, RAM and storage on the server is much easier and results in fewer idle resources and management overhead.

We manage the hosting for you

When we say we manage the hosting for you, we are not saying yo cannot manage it for yourself if you want to, you can of course manage everything, this is only a feature we offer, if you prefer, we can manage everything for you. If you need another email, then drop us a line and we´ll create it and send you all the info. Anything related to the hosting, we will manage it for you if you so desire. 


This package comes with a $15 voucher for a domain of your choise. If you wish for us to handle the domin purchase, please let us know and we´ll buy it for you.

Security scanner

The Security Scanner is up to date with the latest malware and website hacking techniques. The service is offered in partnership with Sucuri, who are global security experts.

Email accounts

You can have up to 3 email accounts, the email boxes can only be in total of 512 mb. That is more than enough if you make sure to take out all atachemnts as you should in any email box.

Free website transfer

We will transfer your WordPress website to your new blazing fast hosting.

Emergency restore

As your website is backed up daily. We keep copies of your website for a few days so if anything happens, you can always request an emergency restore.

Speed optimization

With your new hosting, comes great powers. The hosting comes with some great speed optimization tools, you will see your website become lightning fast… given there is not to much clutter on it.

100% renewable energy match

This is just fun to throw in as the hosting is all run on 100% renewable energy. So if you love th environment and are abit contious about these things, then this is defenatelly something to considder.

How much hosting space do I get?

You have 3 GB to play with, which is more than enough unless you plan to use the website for high resolution pictures, which we would then ask you to let us know about so we can offer you solutions.

Weekly theme & plugin updates

Why not daily? well, doesn´t make any sense to update daily as the updates are only once in a while. But of course if there are emergency updates, then we update as often as needed.

24/7 Uptime monitoring

24/7 Uptime monitoring meants, your website is monitored 1400 times a day to see if it´s running or not.

Emergency Support

You have access to emergency support via email and support page. 

Unlimited 24/7 website edits

When we talk about “Unlimited 24/7 website edits”, this means we edit your website when ever you need it. This is linked to Unlimited website revisions.

Unlimited website revisions

Unlimited website revisions means, we will upload content to your website (we do not though create content, that we leave to you as you know your business best), fix small problems, upload pictures and so on. We do not make major upgrades with this feature like, completely rebuild your website (create a new one).

Priority Support

It´s simple, you are always first in line. This does though not imply that we answer on the spot, we do serve the right to answer within 24 hours.

+$400/year premium plugins

We offer premium plugins valued at +$400 a year (these plugins are a yearly subscription).

The plugins are;

  • WP Rocket – For speed optimization (if needed, if you host with us, you won´t need it).
  • TranslatePress – If your website needs translating into more than one language.
  • WebARX – Security (if needed, if you host with us, you won´t need it).
  • Yoast – SEO plugin
Complete malware removal

We install security plugin that monitors your website and detects malware. If you are also hosting with us, you´ll get access to our intigrated security software.

172 WP tutorial videos

We offer 172 video tutorials on WordPress, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and Ninja Forms.

*$89 Premium theme

It is no secret that we use Elegant Themes (please feel free to check it out) for our projects, it is simply one of the most powerful themes out there!

This is licensed  premium theme that costs about $89/year, we include it in the Website Management package for free as long as you subscribe to our Website management service or if you host with us.

We do though include the theme in the website package, the licence is only for 1 year, so if you want updates, you have to subscribe to it, otherwise, you can use it without subscription and receive no updates nor support. 

Why do we use this theme if you have to subscribe to get updates and support? It´s simply the best theme out there. Flexible, secure and endless possibilities. We view this as a cost for maintaining a premium website.


Finish in 2 weeks or less

We reserve the right to finish our work in 2 weeks, but you have the option to half that time, or to 1 week. If you need it to be finished in less time, then please be in contact.

Integrate website with services

If you run a specialized company, for example in the tourist industry, we will connect you with for example, Bokun.io, Viator, Trip advisor and so on. If you have a specialized connection that is vital to your business, we are more than willing to connect you with it.

SEO optimization
Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of paid placement.
Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive means that, we will make sure your website works as well on mobile devices as on desktop.

Blogging & Social Media Integration

We will make sure your blog is connected with social media, that you or anyone can share your content.


If you have any specific plugins you need installed, we will install them for you. We do though not guarentee that we will configure them, depending on what they are needed for and how complicated/time consuming they are to set up. If you do wish for us to configure some specialized plugin, please contact us before hand and let us know as the price might need to be adjusted.

eCommerce (Woocommerce)

If you need to set up shop, we can set up Woocommerce, configure it to your needs and import content. We do though recommend you learn how to import content as this is in many cases very sensitive to the business and should always be done by the owner. We do provide teaching matterial (videos) for Woocommerce.

We Would Love to Build Something For You.

If you don´t own a website but have an idea for a project, we would love for you to be in contact and share with us your passions and ideas. We would love to get the opportunity to build your dream project and hopefully, you will let us manage it in the future so we can see it grow and prosper.


PersonalWP set up everything for our business, worked really well with our ideas and had loads of good ideas as well. They are very good at what they do and are very service orientated. They are extremely flexible and helpful in regards to all our website needs and always ready to help out with every aspects of maintaining our website.

Símon & Sigrún

CEO, Voga Sea Tours

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