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Receiving emails is all good and well but today it simply isn´t enough for many companies.

Responding fast to a customer can mean the difference between a sale and moving on to your competitor.

So here is where the Live chat comes in. Having a fast way of answering the needs of potential customers and/or answering questions of customers can be crucial.

Speaking from experience as a customer as I have to deal with allot of developers and I more often have to use these kind of services.

I get faster service and even if the customer service isn´t available, these services have chat bots that will suggest solutions and more importantly, keep you browsing.

Contact us, please call this number and/or have a look at our FAQ, doesn´t cut it any more. We live in a fast passed world and there are fortunately tools that can help dramatically convert leads very fast.

Increase sales.

Having live chat can increase sales by up to 30%. Simply by having a live chat can solve issues in few minutes that once took several hours or even days via email.

You can even personalize the experience and the customer has a better connection with you and your company.

When potential customers browse your website, they might have questions about your products. With live chat, you can answer quickly in real time on your website which makes it much more likely for them to continue browsing and much more likely to shop.

That is why you need live chat, it´s a powerful tool to have.

You have the opportunity to help your customers reach a decision in real time which increases the likelihood of a sale.

What are other benefits of live chat?

You can let the customer know you are there, live in the corner of the website, ready to chat when ever the customer needs it.

You can display live messages to your customers, maybe an offer or what ever you want.

By interacting with your customers, you can also solve problems as they come, making the customer feel more secure and comfortable buying your products.

Some live chat solutions come with statistics which help you understand your customers much better.

When using chat bots, you can have them quote your support pages/FAQ live to your customers, even suggest products based on their query while your customer waits for assistance.

You can save your customers conversations for later if they contact you again for context.

You can provide the customer with discounts and special offers live which can elevate the experience to a whole new level and up loyalty of that customer.

It is safe to say that, there are allot of ways that live chat can benefit you and your customers.

Cost of Support

Now, support can be an expensive thing to have for many companies, so it is important to get a sale as soon as possible.

Solving via email can take a long time, but most are more than willing to chat online.

Having an instant chat with your customers and solving an issue or answer a sales question in 2 minutes and getting a sale, maybe even more than the customer initially intended as you pointed out more products to that customer live on your website, which would have been a much harder and sluggish thing to do if you´d done it via email and even phone.

Lets face it, the equivalent to the sales person in a store is now the live chat on your website.

What live chat service should I get?

Well, there are quite a few out there. All do more or less the same but have subtle differences to them.

We have recommend using high quality service like Livechat.

Livechat is a fantastic live support plugin for WordPress (and many more platforms).

Livechat is a cloud-based customers service platform with live support, ticketing system and web analytics capabilities.

You can even install an app on your phone and answer customers from your phone.

Livechat is currently being used by over 27.000 clients, among them IKEA and Paypal, so you are in good hands if you would choose to go with their service.


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